Why is Radiator Grill Required?

A radiator is an important part of a bike’s cooling system. It passes hot coolant through metal fins that conduct heat away from the liquid and into the air. When the coolant has reached the correct temperature, it is pumped back into the engine block. Radiators also cool down transmission fluid, regulating the temperature of all the main parts of a bike. The radiator’s core is the most important part of radiator, followed by the pressure cap, transmission cooler, and inlet and outlet tanks.

Stone chip and debris can easily cause expensive damage to a motorcycle’s radiator – during a road cruise as well as when driving off road. That’s why it is beneficial to install Radiator Grill over the radiator to protect it from flying debris.

Motofusion radiator grill is made from seamless aluminium  frame & expanded mesh for more air flow. Custom built for each model of motorcycle; anodised for durability and excellent  finish; they are very easy to install and do not need any external modifications done to the motorcycle.