1. You are responsible for making sure the products are properly fastened on your bike. Correctly tighten the bolts, check the tightness after riding few kilometers. We also recommend using ‘Medium Strength Thread Locking Liquid’ (Any good brand) on bolts. Small Bottle of Pidilite Medium Strength Thread Locker costs ₹ 20 and is available at most big Hardware Shops. Do not use ‘High Strength Thread Locker’, as it may damage the mount points of the bike.

2. The products on our website are not a substitute to riding gear. Please always wear Helmet and other Riding Gear.

3. The parts/sliders are meant to minimise the damage to respective parts of the bike. However, any damage done is solely subjected to the intensity of the crash or impact with stones or other objects.

4. We use industry standard materials to make the products, and try to make them of best quality. However, we are not liable for any damage caused to you, your bike or any person/object. You use it at your own risk.

5. You are responsible for making sure the parts you are adding to your vehicle satisfies local rules/guidelines.

Please contact us, if you wish to know more.