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Terms and Conditions:

1. The product should not be already for sale, or under development, for the said bike.
2. You would have to give us access to your bike, in your presence, for dimensions & testing.
3. Limited Colour or Pattern options may be available.
4. You would also have to provide pictures of the product on your bike. We will make sure your bike’s registration number is not visible, in the final pictures.
5. However, if the requested product is a direct fit from any existing product, from any other bike, without any modification, the product will be charged at 50% of its MRP (subject to a maximum ₹1000 discount), in exchange for photographs of the product, on the bike.
6. We reserve the right to not make a product.
7. Free product will be given to only one person, per new product.
8. Preference will be given to the rider who can meet us in Pune, as we may need to test the product on the bike few times.
9. Maximum discount would be ₹2000 per product. Any additional cost would have to be bourne by the rider.