Fork Sliders Front Axle Protectors for Kawasaki Versys 650

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  • Protects your fork bottom sections, axle nuts and brake calipers
  • CNC machined from high quality delrin & aircraft grade billet aluminum
  • Easy to install
  • Sold in pair.¬†Hardware included
  • Fits: Kawasaki Versys 650
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Motofusion Fork Sliders (also known as Front Axle Sliders, Front Axle Protectors, Fork Bobbins etc) are a means to reduce the damage to the bottom of the fork (front suspension), Brake Calipers and Axle Nuts of the bike.

In normal circumstances, even a simple bump to the side of the front wheel damages the fork bottom and sometimes, even damages the brake calipers. It could be dangerous to ride the bike in this condition and replacing these parts is expensive, in case of sport bikes. Fitting the bike with Motofusion Fork Sliders results in reducing these costs. Hence, these are meant to be cost effective way of keeping your bike in good condition.

These are designed to look stylish, while providing optimum protection to the bike.

Fitted directly at the ends of the axle of the bike, they absorb part of the crash force and then dissipate the impact force to the axle.

The ends of the Motofusion Fork Sliders are made up of Black Delrin, which has the added advantage of being highly abrasive. Thus, if you fall down while riding, it sacrifices itself to some extent and absorbs some crash energy. The core inserts and the rod of the Motofusion Fork Sliders are made from Aircraft Billet Aluminium, thus being sturdy and lightweight at the same time. Bolts are made up of Stainless Steel, to provide a rust proof experience.

The full product is made via a combination of various processes, including computer guided machining (VMC, CNC etc.), to make sure all products are identical. The computer based machining makes sure the product is made within a narrow tolerance and is made as intended by the designers.

Fitting the Motofusion Fork Sliders is so easy, that even a novice can do it, using basic tools.



We only use Black colour polymer to provide a consistent and lasting quality.
The Aluminium inserts are Metallic Silver.



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It fits the following bikes, which are sold in India:

  • Kawasaki Versys 650



  • Motofusion Fork Slider Polymers (1 Set / 2 Nos (LHS + RHS))
  • Aluminium Inserts (2 Nos (LHS + RHS))
  • Aluminium Rod (1 No) (Slides inside the hollow axle)
  • Bolts (2 Nos)



  • The load from the crash is absorbed by the Fork Sliders and then passed to the axle, for dissipation of the crash force, thus minimizing the damage caused. However, even the axle is designed by the bike manufacturer to take certain maximum load. Hence, depending on the manner of the fall/crash, no brand’s, including Motofusion’s Fork Slider can prevent 100% of the damage.


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