Tail Tidy Fender Eliminator for KTM RC 125 200 390

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  • Great alternative to the standard unsightly mudguard/number plate brackets.
  • Manufactured from aluminium to keep it lightweight and anodised to give premium & long lasting finish.
  • No permanent alterations needed to the bike, and is a direct replacement for the standard part.
  • Use with your existing indicators, tail light and number plate.
  • Fits KTM RC 125, KTM RC 200 & KTM RC 390.
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Motofusion Tail Tidy (also known as Fender Eliminator, Short Tail, Short Fender etc) is a compact replacement of the original, bulky stock rear fender (Number Plate Bracket).

The original, stock fender is huge and unsightly. Replacing it with Motofusion Tail Tidy, which is very compact and looks amazing on the bike, makes your bike stand out in the crowd and thus is a cost effective way of customising your bike.

Motofusion Tail Tidy is designed to look stylish and compact, while incorporating stock indicators, number plate and number plate light, thus, ready to be used legally on Indian roads.

Fitted directly on the frame of the bike, where stock rear fender is originally mounted, it requires no permanent modification to the bike.

Made from a single piece of thick Aluminium, Motofusion Tail Tidy is lightweight and sturdy.

The full product is made via a combination of various processes, including computer guided machining, to make sure all products are identical. The computer based machining makes sure the product is made within a narrow tolerance and is made as intended by the designers.

Fitting the Motofusion Tail Tidy is so easy, that even a novice can do it, using basic tools.

You have to use your stock Indicators, Number Plate Light and stock Number Plate with Motofusion Tail Tidy.


Motofusion also offers a complete kit, at a discounted price, for KTM RC bikes. It contains crash protectors, radiator guard and Tail Tidy. To get the discounted kit, click here.



The aluminium is given colors with the process called Anodizing. This is a very high grade coating, which makes it suitable for all weather use.

Motofusion Tail Tidy is available in Black and Orange.

If you wish to go for any other color, we can get them made at a small fees. Feel free to contact us here, for such requests.



There is Free Shipping with Motofusion Tail Tidy, all over India, when bought through http://motofusion.in



It fits the following variants of KTM RC bikes, which are sold in India

KTM RC 125: 2019+

KTM RC 200: 2014-16, 2017+

KTM RC 390: 2014-16, 2017+



  1. Motofusion Tail Tidy (1 No)
  2. Bolts (4 Nos) (To replace stock bolts underneath the bike seat)
  3. Zip Ties (To keep the wires organised)
  4. Plastic Tube (1 No) (To organise the wires outside the bike)
  5. Foam Tape Strips (To prevent rattling between Motofusion Tail Tidy and Number Plate)



  1. We try our best to match the color of the product to the color on the bike. However, some variation of the shade is possible.
  2. In order to make it compact, there is no mounting for stock rear reflector on Motofusion Tail Tidy. You may, however, put reflector tape on the tail tidy or number plate itself. These tapes are available easily and cheaply, at all 3M stores, Number Plate customisation shops and other customisation places.

Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 26 × 20 × 9 cm


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Installation Instructions

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